Chart (2017) Peak position
Aurora Dash (AT Chart)
Chrizly-Charts (Chrizly-Charts TOP 50) 13
Community Charts (Community Top 50 Songs)  ?
Enric And Music (Omina Charts) 4
Glazed Music Charts (GMC Top 40)  ?
It'sMeElin (THE TOP 40)  ?
Music World Charts (Name of chart) -
Penguin Music Charts (Penguin Personal Chart)
Uhsting (Uhsting's Chart Graded Best Non-mainstream)  ?
Ultimate 15 Charts (Pete's Top 40) 5
Olov Chart(Olov Chart) 1

"Walk Away" is a song by Dutch DJ LVNSDCPE released on 7 of April of 2017

Controversy Edit

A lot of people have said this is a Alan Walker ripoff