Omnia Charts are a crownote charts created by Enricc1 it involves different kind of songs and it is pretty diverse.

Songs that got number 1 in 2016Edit

Bethenlem-Declan Mckenna (1X3)
We Go Home-The Avener (1X4)
Sweet Dreams(Radio Killer Remix)-Andra (1X2)
Sweet Afterglow-Alex Germys (1X2)
Isombard-Declan McKenna (1X1)
American Money-BORNS (1X3)
World Princess-Grimes (1X3)
Full Moon-Petit Biscuit (1X3)
Good Morning-Grouplove (1X3)
Hear Me Now-Aleks (1X3)

Songs that got number 1 in 2017 Edit

Song                     Artist      Number of times it got number 1
Wild Horses Bishop Briggs      (1x3)
Rooftop NOEP (1x1)
The kids don't wanna come home Declan Mckenna (1x3)
Oxygen BeMy (1x1)
Dear to me Electric Guest (1x4)
Sweet Disaster DREAMERS (1x3)
Vint-i-un Botons Blaumut (1x3)
Don't take the money Bleachers (1x1)
Hard Times Paramore (1x2)

Moving On

Roosevelt (1x4)
Never Gonna be the same Alex Germys (1x3)
Belong Fyfe ft.Kimbra (1x2)
Listen to your friends Declan McKenna (1x3)
Coco Câline Julien Doré (1x2)
Agnes Glass Animals (1x1)
Gypsy(Catch me if you can) Norda,Mike De Ville ft.Joanna Jones (1x2)
Gravitation Petit Biscuit (1x1)
#1 of 2017 so far  Roosevelt Moving On