Single by Sounds Like Harmony
from Smile (I'm Not Okay)
Released 13 November 2015
Format Music video
Genre Alternative
Length 3:02

"Fireworks" was written, produced, and performed by James Tyler Hagen under the pseudonym Sounds Like Harmony. It is the lead single from his 2016 EP Smile (I'm Not Okay). While rough versions existed on YouTube much earlier, the studio version was released as a music video on 13 November 2015.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Opinions on the song are heavily divided. While some praise it for being cute, happy, and catchy, others condemn it as part of an Illuminati conspiracy to corrupt the world's youth or something like that.

Youtube star Devin Martinez took a different perspective, and criticised Hagen's appearance in the music video, stating: "You know who this dude looks like? He looks like if you took Johnnie [Guilbert], and you soaked him in bleach, and then you just left him out to dry."

Crunkcore singer Jon Jumper was also critical, accusing him of being "a shitty Walmart version of SayWeCanFly", to which he responded by calling Jumper "the CRINGIEST EMO KID EVER"

Fellow chartster Victor Avila later described the song as "meh".

Despite this, it remains Sounds Like Harmony's most successful song on YouTube, receiving over 1 700 000 views on its original upload on the MyDigitalEscape channel and more than 600 000 on its re-upload on James Tyler Hagen's personal channel.

Chart PerformanceEdit

The attention the song attracted was very narrow. It was a major success on Aurora Dash's Top Scene Music chart, becoming the first and so far only song to have three non-consecutive stints at #1. It also landed at #2 on the 2016 year end chart. Outside of that, its only other known chart appearance was in the bubbling under section of Muhammad Yusuff's now-defunct A Weekly Chart.

It was nominated among several hundred other songs into Olov's Best Song Ever Contest, where it was promptly defeated in the first round.


Chart Peak Position
Aurora Dash (Top Scene Music) 1