EPIC Alternative and Rock Charts is an indie-focused chart compiled by four chartsters and voters and hosted by Chrizly-Charts.

History Edit

In late 2017, Chrizly-Charts stated that he would be ending his Rock and Alternative chart in favour of a new chart involving Ultimate 15 Charts, Enric and Music and It'sMeElin. This fell at around the same time PeteFromLeeds took a break from Ultimate 15 Charts due to copyright restrictions and other duties. The group each put forward ten songs and ranked each track in order to determine its final position. The first chart was broadcast on the 23rd January 2018.

Current Members Edit

The current contributors to EPIC Alternative and Rock Charts are:

List of #1s Edit

Month Artist Single Country Points Suggested By
January Derrival Found Out Canada 128 Enric And Music
February Vance Joy We're Going Home Australia 136 It'sMeElin
March Bad Wolves Zombie USA 124 Chrizly-Charts
April Snow Patrol Don't Give In UK 118 It'sMeElin
May The Wombats Turn UK 130 Ultimate 15 Charts
June Elina Born & Juri Pootsmann Jagatud Saladas Estonia 133 Enric And Music
July Good Charlotte Actual Pain USA 129 Chrizly-Charts

Recurring EPIC Artists Edit

5 appearances

Panic! At the Disco

4 appearances

The Kooks

3 appearances

Belle & Sebastian

David Otero

Fall Out Boy

Only Sun

The Wombats

Visions of Atlantis