AT Chart was started in December 2015 and continues to the present. It exists on the Scene13Toplist channel and is operated by Aurora Dash. It has 30 positions and is a pure voting chart.


Longest Time At #1Edit

7 weeks Edit

Dusk Till Dawn- Zayn ft. Sia (2017)

5 weeksEdit

Burn It Down- Ahzee & Faydee (2016)

The Greatest- Sia (2016)

Alone- Alan Walker (2016-2017)

Mama- Jonas Blue ft. William Singe (2017)

Feels- Calvin Harris ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, & Big Sean (2017)

Toy- Faydee ft. WSTRN (2017-2018)

Habibi Albi- Faydee ft. Leftside (2018)

4 weeksEdit

Kings & Queens- Italobrothers (2015-2016)

Faded- Alan Walker (2016)

I Took A Pill In Ibiza- Mike Posner (2016)

In My Blood- The Veronicas (2016)

Symphony- Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson (2017)

Longest Time On ChartEdit

24 weeksEdit

Side To Side- Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj (2016-2017)

23 weeksEdit

The Big Big Beat- Azealea Banks (2016)

Dusk Till Dawn- Zayn ft. Sia (2017-2018)

22 weeksEdit

I Took A Pill In Ibiza- Mike Posner (2016)

21 weeksEdit

Into You- Ariana Grande (2016)

Shape Of You- Ed Sheeran (2017)

I Like It- Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin (2018)

20 weeks Edit

Havana- Camilla Cabello ft. Young Thug (2017)

Rainbow- Sia (2017-2018)

19 weeksEdit

Dangerous Woman- Ariana Grande (2016)

Where's The Revolution- Depeche Mode (2017)

18 weeks Edit

Rockabye- Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie (2016-2017)

#1 and #2 by Same Artist Edit

  • Ed Sheeran
    • 1. Castle On The Hill
    • 2. Shape Of You

Self-Replacement at #1 Edit

  • Avicii
    • Without You (1 week) --> Lonely Together (1 week)

Slowest Climb to #1 Edit

15 weeks Edit

Swish Swish- Katy Perry ft. Nicki Minaj (2017)

13 weeks Edit

Rainbow- Sia (2017)

Sad- XXXTentacion (2018)

11 weeks Edit

I Like It- Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin (2018)

9 weeks Edit

Praise You- Cassiano ft. Cascada (2016)

Side Effects- The Chainsmokers ft. Emily Warren

8 weeks Edit

Into You- Ariana Grande (2016)

More- Faydee (2017)

Year-End Number One Edit

  • 2016: Into You- Ariana Grande
  • 2017: Dusk Till Dawn- Zayn ft. Sia

Song Of The Summer Edit

Awarded to the song with the greatest aggregate performance between December and February.

  • 2015/16: Kings & Queens- Italobrothers
  • 2016/17: Alone- Alan Walker
  • 2017/18: Toy- Faydee ft. WSTRN

Number One Debuts Edit

  • You- Lost Kings ft. Katelyn Tarver (2016)
  • Burn It Down- Ahzee & Faydee (2016)
  • In My Blood- The Veronicas (2016)
  • Closer- The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey (2016)
  • This Is America- Childish Gambino (2018)
  • Girls Like You- Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B (2018)
  • Earnest- Vylet Pony ft. Namii (2018)

30-1 Jumps Edit

For the first half of 2017, the rules were such that it was extremely difficult to achieve high debuts but relatively easy to achieve huge jumps to #1, which is the opposite of how it is today. During this time, there were no #1 debuts but there were a few instances of songs jumping the maximum possible 29 positions:

  • Castle On The Hill- Ed Sheeran (2017)
  • Touch- Little Mix (2017)
  • Be Mine- Ofenbach (2017)

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