The second Chartsters Song Contest is taking place between June and July 2017, and was won by Olov Chart with 'Save a Little Love' by Don Diablo. Again, 20 Chartsters took part.

Final Edit

The contest was launched on 17th June 2017, with all Charts that participated in the last contest being invited back. 15 of these confirmed an entry within the deadline, along with 5 new charts, resulting in 20 charts in total, the same number that participated in the first contest. This meant that there was no need for a semi-final and all songs qualified directly to the Final.

As the winners of the last contest, Chrizly-Charts were able to choose their position in the running order, 13. The remaining charts' running order was selected at random as with the previous contest.

Draw Chart Artist Song Place Points
1 conteschart* Kayah Po Co (ft. Idan Raichel) 18 23
2 MusicMachine* Pascal Junior Holdin On 16 28
3 justinroks3 Tkay Maidza Follow Me 9 56
4 Glazed Music Charts Patrick Metzker Believe 2 87
5 Sams Songs Dionisis Sxoinas To Kalokairi 19 16†
6 Retro Charts B.Z. Jackie (ft. Joanne) 12 40
7 I Love MCharts* Isaiah It's Gotta Be You 14 37
8 Ultimate 15 Charts HIGHT Runway 3 79
9 Enric And Music NOËP Jennifer Lawrence 8 59
10 Guinea Pig Music Charts* Vargas & Lagola Rolling Stone 10 54
11 Uhsting Noonie Bao Reminds Me 11 46
12 Penguin Music Charts Elvana Forever Is Over 6 66
13 Chrizly-Charts liv Heaven 5 71
14 Olov Chart Don Diablo Save A Little Love 1 107
15 Music World Charts Nicky Jam Si Tu La Ves (ft. Wisin) 15 31
16 Azwan Tambunan Bam Mastro Idols 20 6
17 Arianator Chart* Against the Current Wasteland 7 62†
18 Steve Clark Karen Elson Call Your Name 13 40
19 Scene13Toplist Your Brand New Obsession Knockout 17 24
20 It'sMeElin Moon Taxi Two High 4 75

* denotes a chart that made its debut in this contest

† denotes a chart that was deducted 20 points for failing to vote

Scoreboard Edit

Controversies Edit

Arianator Chart

Arianator Chart made its debut in this contest and sent 'Wasteland' by Against the Current, a song widely accepted to have been the most mainstream song in the contest. After voting opened, Robert Bradley, creator of Arianator Chart, stated that he was refusing to vote as there were no songs in the contest that he liked. This opinion had been widely voiced both to Ultimate 15 Charts and to other Chartsters taking part. After numberous discussions between Ultimate 15 and the other competing Chartsters, with discussions on whether to increase his deduction or disqualify him entirely, the decision was made for his deduction to remain at 20 points. This resulted in him finishing 7th as opposed to 3rd, and it was announced that the deduction rule would be changed for the next contest to look less favourably on high-scoring charts.